About CoffeeShopBloggers

Who Are We?
We are a group of bloggers who want to share our SEO knowledge on building an online brand.   If you like our blogs and are wondering how we did it, you can read our posts and learn from us.

What Can We Teach You?
We have created our online brands pretty much as one person enterprises on a part-time basis.  If you like what you see, you can get the same results by reading our posts.  Or ask us questions and we'll find the answers for you.

Check Out Our Blogs.
DesignTrackMind has a gorgeous blog on interior design and a website (http://melissagulley.com).  Her blog was birthed "fully baked" and she's our resident expert on labeling images and our creative director for both taglines and blog design.  Her husband, GreenCollarGuy, is also an SEO expert and we pick his brain on a regular basis.

Capability:Mom, A Mom's Guide to Everything.  Capability Mom is rather capable at both figuring out SEO and techy questions as well as life's problems.  It turns out that she actually reads the directions.  And watches the webinars.  Her blog is about to morph from Wordpress.com to Wordpress.org so stay tuned!

RobertaTheWriter and I.Communicate.  Our resident marketing communications expert and mommy blogger, Roberta probably enjoys the technical challenges the least of all of us, but as you can see from her blog, she rises to the challenge.  Her blogs are on Blogger.

PragmaticMom.  Education Matters.  My blog is a mash up covering parenting, education and chiildren's literature.  I formed this group after I launched my blog and my traffic took a nosedive after an initial thrilling high from the launch.  Thank God for this group!  I started off in Wordpress.com and morphed into Wordpress.org and Bluehost.  I also use Solostream's Sublime Template ($80).  My blog continues to morph and change both in look and feel and in topics.  I use the CoffeeShopBloggers blog to capture what we are learning as we drink from the fire hydrant of SEO learning.  I have probably logged the most hours on helpdesk so I hope to transfer my pain into your gain. My other blogs are JadeLuckClub: Celebrating Asian American Creativity, and I Love Newton MA.

We have other members that are in the midst of launching their blogs on a variety of topics.  As each is ready to launch, we'll introduce them.

If you've ever wandered to a blog, liked what you saw, and wondered how in the world did they do it, you can now get step-by-step advice on how we created our online brands.