Sunday, January 30, 2011

Finally, I write a post about Twitter

I have been letting Pragmatic Mom do the heavy lifting on this blog - not because I don't care about it but because with multiple email accounts, twitter, facebook, linkedin, writing for my other blog, and fell off of the radar. So, first, apologies - mostly to Pragmatic Mom who despite having her own other robust blog and same if not greater time commitments, did not fail to post here. Thanks, Pragmatic Mom!

But fear not! I still am learning new social media things - even attending seminars and (the dreaded word) webinars. I have learned a few new tricks and tools and I'll try to focus them neatly here.

Twitter- or what I like to call Twetiquette:

You do have to engage in conversation - not just broadcast your own stuff. This is a work in progress but I "get it" now and am doing better.

It is polite to follow back those who follow you unless they are not what you want to see every day - we all have the choice not to get free porn codes or anti-Semitic tweets in our timeline (yes, I was offered to follow both such accounts. Not nice).

Automated Direct Messages do not have to be replied to but you can if you want to. Better to scroll through your timeline  - I use both Twitter and Hootsuite  (the free version - I am cheap) and jump in when I see something I am interested in. Re-tweet your followers - make them nice retweets. Sure, enter a contest or two (for Pete's sake - can I not win an iPad already!?) and feel free to retweet the contests - just balance this with some nice content and contact.

If someone asks for help and you can help - do so! Like - why did my blog crash? or Error 404 - help! When it happens to you - you'll be glad you paid forward the Twitter karma.

Manners, People, Manners. Thank tweeps for the follow, the shout out (#SO), the follow friday (#FF). Hashtags are marked by # and you use them to keep track of a topic or conversation. Make your own or jump into an existing hashtagslike #Glee. Check your Mentions to thank people and retweet.

Just because you are not going to see your twitter peeps in the school pick-up line or grocery store does not mean you can burn bridges. There are many conferences and you would be surprised to see who is on Twitter and how easy it is to read what you tweet (reap what you sow).

Follow your Followers - I recently forgot to do this and surprised and probably mildly annoyed a potential client/employer. Note - this is especially important if they are rockstars and you (are not is implied) don't follow back. It is a "dis" in the Twitterverse.

Also, feel free to unfollow those ingrates (:-)) who don't follow back unless you really like Aston Kutcher's tweets or something. I follow Steve Martin and while I don't expect him to follow me back (but he can if he wants to), I like him (as in a fan of his writing and would not have tweeted him off the stage nor asked for a refund at the 92nd Street Y kind of way). Martha Stewart is following me..really, she is, I am not that delusional quite yet.

I haven't even touched on apps - Twitter is open source code (right term, yes? I don't feel like checking) and that means others can build on their platform/system - so go to for great apps - Just Unfollow (beats Twitter Karma cold).  There is also TwileShare - a way to share files on Twitter, Listorious , a great way to find lists of tweeps to follow. So many apps - so much to share!

 Have fun! See you in Twitterland @capabilitymom!

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