Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Change Post Permalinks for Effective SEO (From SavvingBlogging.net)

Please note that when you change your permalinks, your old links are now invalid unless you change new post permalink one at a time.  Does that make sense? I changed my permalink in my blog to the post url permalink but then all 350+ OLD blog posts that were linked at other sites are now not working at all.  So, I changed my permalinks back to the old, not so good SEO way.  I can't figure out how to auto change new posts to post permalinks while saving old posts as old permalinks, so I had to go back to old permalinks.  It's too much work for me to change each new post permalink as well. So, when you set up your blog, this is worth doing the post title permalink from the get go.  Pragmatic Mom of CoffeeShopBloggers

The format of your post URLs on your site can make or break you when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  If you want those search bots to find your site, it’s imperative that you use keywords in your post permalink (URL).  This hopefully gets you closer to the front page on Google.  If you have yet to even think about what your post permalinks are, it’s time you evaluate and possibly make a quick change in just a few seconds flat.
Here’s an example of what you should NOT be using for your post URLs:
http://savvyblogging.net/?p=123  OR
This one is more effective:
This is the most effective:
If you have a WordPress blog, it is simple to change these automatic settings. Go to your “Dashboard”, click the drop down button next to “Settings,” and then click on “Permalinks.” From there you can select Month/Year and Name, or Day and Name as your choice.   But if you want the most effective URLs, select “Custom” and type this in the box: /%postname%/
For my Thrifty Mama site I use Month/Year and Post Title for my URLs,  due to the bulk amount of posts I do on a daily basis. But for Savvy Blogging, which averages about one post a day, we use just the post title for our urls.  Which do you prefer for your site?

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