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From Jennifer James: How to Get Paid as a Mom Blogger When Working With PR (Includes a Chart)

How to Get Paid as a Mom Blogger When Working With PR (Includes a Chart)

This is from Jennifer James Online, a really great blog on the Mom Blogging market.  She knows her stuff and is a great resource for bloggers trying to flip their blogs from a hobby to a small business.

Pragmatic Mom

On December 17, 2010, in Blog Tips, by Jennifer James ..If you want to know how to get paid as a mom blogger, here is a basic chart differentiating unpaid and paid work.

..Typically when I write about mom bloggers getting paid for the work they do, a lot of misinformation gets circulated about what bloggers can and cannot get paid for. To help further explain what bloggers get paid for and what they don’t when working with PR firms I created a chart to make it easier to understand.

While there are exceptions to the rule, this is the standard for how PR firms works with bloggers. PR firms work to get products into the hands of bloggers for reviews. They don’t pay for reviews because they want unbiased opinions about their clients’ products.
However, from time to time PR firms will create paid campaigns and promos on behalf of their clients and will bring mom bloggers on board for paid work. For example, these moms may create quality content (on a variety of media platforms) on behalf of a brand or work as a team to spread the word about a campaign or promotion, or they will work to feature a product or brand in a series of posts through creative content. This is all paid work. There is a difference between this type of in-depth work and writing a basic product review.
The best way to become a paid blogger if you work heavily with PR firms is to continue to work with them to write stellar content on your blog through unpaid reviews. When PR firms or blogger communities look for the next mom blogger to work with on a particular paid program you will then be a part of that conversation.
It takes a lot of work and time to build your reputation as an exceptional blogger with a solid editorial policy. It’s that reputation that will provide higher paying work in the future. Set your sights on creating an amazing blog and paying opportunities will result.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I’ll answer them today and throughout the weekend.
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Jennifer James

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