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Continued: How To Get Paid for Blogging from Jennifer James Online

I found another great comment that explains how Mommycosm is charging for product reviews.  Food for thought for the rest of us.  There was also a lot of discussion about required key words and linkbacks that companies are asking bloggers to do.  Mommycosm's policy is that she isn't doing that.  I agree with her!

Pragmatic Mom

Kim Grenon is a professional product reviewer, social media marketer, brand ambassador and freelance writer. Kim launched Mommycosm, LLC in 2007. She has promoted brands such as: Energizer, Toyota, Jockey, Cotton, Disney Studios, Sprite, Osh Kosh B’Gosh, Red Robin and Ford. Mommycosm specializes in honest and fun reviews.
Basic reviews and giveaways are free at Mommycosm, but Kim does charge an administrative fee when providing additional services.
A. Basic Review (free)
■Company sends Mommycosm product(s) to sample.

■Mommycosm gives honest review in a single blog post, providing pros and cons.

■One link back to the company or product main website is provided.

■Example: Shabby Apple’s Midnight Garden dress

B. Basic Review + giveaway (free)

■Above, plus...

■Company supplies one or more giveaways for readers and ships directly to winner(s).

■Examples: The Noticer by Andy Andrews , Energizer Recharge Smart, Rubik's Slide

C. Review, Giveaway + Social Media Marketing ($25)
■Above, plus...

■Giveaway promoted on at least 5 giveaway sites, twitter, Kim’s personal Facebook profile and Mommycosm’s Facebook page.

■Entrants will be required to click to company website for first entry into giveaway. Additional entries can be earned by liking company Facebook page and/or following company on Twitter. This will increase company’s online following.

■Mommycosm will provide post promotion statistical report.

■Example: Osh Kosh B’Gosh $25 gift card

D. Social Media Poll, Review, Giveaway + Social Media Marketing ($50)
■Above, plus...

■Prior to writing review, Mommycosm will poll social media network (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) with a question relevant to the product.

■Blog post containing review will include feedback from social media poll.

■Example: No Panty Line Promise Luxe Collection by Jockey (minus the video)

E. Social Media Poll, Review, Giveaway, Social Media Marketing + VIDEO ($100)
■Above, plus...

■Mommycosm will produce, publish and embed a video sharing poll results and information about the product(s).

■Video will be published on Mommycosm’s YouTube channel and/or MomTV.

■Example: No Panty Line Promise Luxe Collection by Jockey

F. Social Media Poll, Review, Giveaway, Social Media Marketing, coverage via LIVE episode of Mommycosm Reviews on MomTV - non-exclusive ($150)

■Above, plus...

■Instead of pre-filmed video, Mommycosm will review product(s) on live Mommycosm Reviews episode - schedule and air time tbd.

■Live episode will be promoted in advance via Twitter, Facebook and one blog post.

■Video archive will remain on the UStream Mommycosm Reviews channel.

■Note: non-exclusive (up to 4 products within one 30 minute episode)

■Example: Episode 2 recap

G. Social Media Poll, Review, giveaway, Social Media Marketing, Live coverage via LIVE episode of Mommycosm Reviews on MomTV - exclusive ($500)

■Above, plus...

■Company’s product(s) will be exclusively covered during the entire 30 minute episode.

Additional fees:

There will be a $10 fee plus shipping charge for each giveaway product requiring Mommycosm to re-ship to winner.

Note: Mommycosm does not allow companies to dictate keyword links.

Mommycosm’s lead time is approximately two weeks. Company will be sent an email to confirm receipt of product and when to expect post to publish. Company will be sent a link to the review/giveaway once published. Any paid services will include a follow up statistical report.
Want to run a promotion outside of the scope outlined above? Kim enjoys thinking outside of the box and is willing to work with you to create a promotion to meet your company’s online or in person needs. She loves to travel and enjoys working on-site at events.
If you would like to speak further with Mommycosm about promotional opportunities for your product or brand, contact Kim Grenon at: themommy at mommycosm dot com.
Please note: Some reviews/campaigns and ALL giveaways during 2008- summer 2010 were posted on either this review page or its own separate page due to Mommycosm's involvement with the BlogHer Ad Network. BlogHer ads are no longer on this site. You will see a sampling below of reviews that took place during this time period. All future posts will reside on the main Mommycosm page.

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