Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Social Media Experts -The Good and The Bad

This is a great piece from

 The Social Media Consultancy 

What social media ‘experts’ don’t tell you about social media

With what we  consider as an influx of ‘social media experts’ of recent months, we were trying to think about the best way of listing the things that any inexperienced social media ‘expert’ won’t tell you, rather than the things you should look for in the right one.  The reason for this is because in the jungle of offerings online now, it’s getting increasingly different to find anyone who really ‘stands out’ as having a truly original stance and therefore expertise in social media, but rather an emergence of people who ‘think’ they know.
Our reasoning for this attitude is simple.  There are so many ‘Ten reasons why social media is essential’ and ‘Here’s what social media is about’ and ‘Here’s what you should look for when considering social media’, which are all based on trying to sell to you,  that we think it’s about time to do the truly ‘social media’ thing and highlight what so many people miss and to warn any company who is thinking of social media to consider these tips before they put their faith in to any ‘social media expert’.
A bad social media expert WILL tell you if they have 5000 followers on Twitter, an active Facebook page and a good blog.
A bad social media expert WON’T tell you that these followers on Twitter are not ‘quality’ followers but any old Joe Bloggs and that they had to follow 6000 people to get them.  So, unless they can tell you the best tactics to get yours and more importantly the tactics that will get you followers who might actually do business with you in some way then they’re far from expert.

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