Monday, July 5, 2010

Website Grade - A solid "C"

The Website Grade for!

I just did this and check out my out my grade! Am I happy with it...well, I am glad to read the report that tells me why my grade is a 76...on the upside I got a 95.95 on my Twitter grade. The Website Grader does send a good report and you can see things you need to work on...and you can sign-up for their (paid) service, too.


  1. I got a 76 on my blog, a website grade of 98 and a Twitter grade of 99. I think I need to look into Google Buzz and get more inbound links per post ... but are these the drivers?

    DesignTrackMind gets a 28.04 for her blog grade, 93 for website grade and they can't find her Twitter feed. But she has 246, 136 and 123 inbound links respectively on her last three posts but no Google Buzz so her amazingly high number of inbound links are not driving up her score.

    Very interesting...We will look into Google Buzz pronto!