Saturday, July 10, 2010


This is a great post from Jennifer James Online who is very in tune with the mom blogging phenomenon.  Is it too late?  Did I miss the boat by having babies 2 and 3?  She says ....

Emphatic two word answer: Heck yeah!
I field questions and concerns from mom bloggers all the time who sincerely believe that since they aren’t a part of the first or even second wave of mom bloggers they have no chance of ever reaching the top. And we all know where the top is, even if it means different things to different people, or if some think no top really exists. The top of mom blogging is home to the moms who are constantly in the press, are heavily courted by brands, are consistently referenced in trade articles and on official mom blogging lists, are always invited on press trips, and whose names we all know and recognize.
If you aren’t in that perennial top tier of mom bloggers does that mean you will never get there? No! There is no caste system in blogging. Today, there are so many niches within parenting blogging that what we knew as “the top” of mom blogging two years ago isn’t the same today. There are top memoir mom bloggers, top coupon mom bloggers, top tech mom bloggers, top frugal mom bloggers, and top mom vloggers, for example. The range of top mom bloggers has expanded tremendously and the possibilities for moms who blog (yes, even newbie bloggers) are endless.
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  1. Always glad to know there's still room at the top! Have appreciated the advice of this blog and so when I was awarded my first blog award I've included this blog as a blog of substance for the award to be passed on to. Many thanks for some great posts.