Monday, July 5, 2010

Grade Your Blog

Click here to submit your blog for grading.  Don't worry, it's fast.  

DesignTrackMind, CapabilityMom, GreenCollarEconomy and I are going to compare our reports to see if we can figure out what drives the grading (to some extent).  We'll report back.

This is what I noticed so far to improve your grade (and SEO):
  • It looks at how long you own your URL.  Longer is better.  
  • Retweets and number of links to your blog articles matter.  Make sure your readers can easily retweet your blog posts.
  • Readability.  Using SAT words?  The grader doesn't like that.  The content should be simple so that the majority of a large audience can understand it.
  • Meta Data.  It likes a Meta Description.  (See post on that at CoffeeShopBloggers if you don't know how to to that).
  • It doesn't like too many images because the page load time may be too slow.  And it wants the images to be labeled with alt text.
  • It loves inbound links.  The more links the better.  The better the links the better (such as from authoritative sources like Wall Street Journal, or  How do you get inbound links?  Submit your blog in directories and be sure to make 5 comments a day.  If you need help with comments, read our post.
More on this later...

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  1. Thank you, Pragmatic Mom. I am ignorant of almost all these things you have mentioned in this post. Whew, what a lot to learn. I have reposted one of your great Library Journal reading lists from your website on my small reading blog, with a linkback to your website, so my readers can find the rest.
    Thanks for a great website!

  2. Great resource and fun to learn how my blog rated. :) Thanks!