Saturday, July 17, 2010

Brand Savant - What you are missing by measuring social media ROI online

You can tell right away that I did not write this title because it took me a full minute to realize that ROI (French, for King) means Return on Investment. I knew it was an acronym but it didn't immediately pop into my head because I don't think in acronyms unless it is a way to cover swear words from young ears (PITA, WTF come to mind). I liked this post and when he mentioned Dunbar's Number my little soc major's heart beat a little faster and when I followed that link to a Malcolm Gladwell quote from The Tipping Point, my day was complete.

Here is the link to Brand Savant  by which is the article in the title - Pretty dense as far as marketing lingo. Then for more marketing information from Lynne d Johnson at Media Biz  and this great link to a favorite writer, Malcolm Gladwell.

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