Friday, June 4, 2010

Yet Another Related Post Plugin - For WordPress BUGGY!

I love the functionality of YARPP (Yet Another Related Post Plugin), but EVERYTIME MY BLOG HAS ISSUES WITH SLOWNESS, disabling this plugin seems to fix my problem.

What this plugin does: It brings up related posts in your blog and adds them with a link to the bottom of each post. It's a nice thing to get your readers to click around and explore more of your blog.

But...even though I used the latest version of this plugin hoping that it was not buggy this time, it still messed up my blog such that it barely would open in a browser.

If you have having issues with your blog in, try deactivating one plugin at a time to isolate your problem. And start with YARPP. Another buggy one is Google Analytics (any of the versions according to a nice help desk guy at Blue Host).

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  1. I am and have that feature through them so no issues - you are still scaring me away from .org!