Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Primer About Successful Online Communities

I just signed up for a new online newsletter and found this gem of an article. I liked it because it has something for everyone; useful advice for beginners and ways to monetize if your blog is further along.

My favorite paragraph because I'm all about how to monetize!: Finally, dream big. Begin arranging offline meet-ups and consider pushing the boundaries. Try adding a paid job adverts page, developing branded products, inviting relevant companies to run focus groups.

The author is Richard Millington, founder of Commania.


A Primer About Successful Online Communities

If you’re new, here’s a background primer on successful communities.

Successful online community building is connecting a group of people online and making them feel a part of something special. This 'something special’ element is the overlooked bit.

You do this by identifying something people believe in and inviting them to talk to each other. You don’t create the interest, you create the platform that epitomizes it. It’s important you don’t try to create the raison d'etre. i.e. Don’t try to persuade non-swimmers to become swimmers and join your community, just focus on persuading enthusiastic swimmers to join. Most brands stumble at this stage.

However, the common interest is the first level of the group bonding. It’s usually overrated. If you’ve ever been part of a purposeful group you know it’s not the mission/common interest that matters. The most important missions on the planet often have the lowest level of engagement. What matters most is how well you bond with others members of the group.

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