Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Meta Name = Description In Wordpress

Wordpress does not have Meta Name = Descriptions in their html coded templates. Why? Because they can't read your mind. Here's what they say:

It is important for website developers to understand that a default installation of WordPress does not contain the description and keywords meta tag data. Meta tags can be added manually, through changes to the Theme template files or through WordPress Plugins.

So WHY do you want this? This is the text that comes up when someone googles your blog and your blog pulls up. There is sometimes text after your name, right? Here's mine without Meta Name Description:


- 40 visits - Jun 17
or buy from the PragmaticMom store on the right hand column of blog under Book Reviews.... or buy at the Pragmatic Mom store under Book Reviews. Thank You! ...
www.pragmaticmom.com/ - 8 hours ago - Cached - Similar

It ain't pretty and the text is totally random. I actually have no idea why this text is showing up.

Here's a google search result with meta name = description code:

Aquent : Work Inspired

- 4 visits - Jun 25
Welcome to Aquent, the talent agency for marketers and designers.
www.aquent.com/ - Cached - Similar

Much better, right? The description is actually logical and not total gibberish. This we like!

So how to do it? You type in this code (plus add in your info) using your editor to get to the HTML code. You will want to place this code in the HEADER section.

Go to this url to see the actual code you need (Blogger won't accept HTML meta code):

It might take google a few days to process it but it should come up soonish when you google your blog again.

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  1. The code got stripped out by Blogger.

    The html code you need to type in is at this link: http://codex.wordpress.org/Meta_Tags_in_WordPress

    Blogger won't let us post HTML Meta Tag code.