Friday, June 25, 2010

How Long Will Your Blog Last? by Jennifer James

Here's a excerpt from Jennifer James' excellent question. Click here for entire post.

That brings me to this question for you: How long will your blog last?

If you want to endure as long as bloggers like Dawn Friedman, Dooce, Elizabeth from Busy Mom, Ariel Gore, andMindy Roberts, you’ll need to do a few things:

1) Rethink Blogger: I kinda hate uttering that because many of us old-timers started on Blogger. The truth is you will be limited in the creative use of your Blogger blog. I love WordPress because of the many options you have from templates to plugins. And, it is very easy to move your files from Blogger to another blog platform. Simple!

*If you design blogs and can help bloggers move their files, feel free to leave your information in the comments!*

2) Buy a Domain: You will never feel really at home until you have your own .com or .net. It’s so much easier to ditch a blog that doesn’t have a domain. Buying a domain is a little assurance to yourself that you’re serious about this blogging thing.

3) Invest in Your Blog Design: The more you invest in your blog from a domain name to a profession design the harder it is to just forget it and stop blogging altogether. If you are serious about blogging, treat it as a serious endeavor.

3) Make friends: I can’t stress this enough: Never blog alone! Make friends on Twitter or by commenting often on other mom blogs. Create a community around you so that when you have failed to post in two weeks your friends can DM and ask where the heck you are! Also, consider going to the blogging conferences and make friends there if it’s easier for you. There are tons of different conferences now that are hosted all over the country. Attend one!

4) Be creative: Being creative means coming up with new content ideas and ways of expressing yourself. Readers always appreciate someone who isn’t pushing out trite content day after day. The more creative you are the more people will miss you if/when you take a mini-break. Can you imagine Julia going anywhere without a deafening uproar? I didn’t think do.

5) Check Your Intentions: Whether you decide to blog for ten more years or ten more days, it all goes back to your intentions. If you don’t feel happy blogging, then by all means, move on! Don’t torture yourself with some sort of false obligation to keep going. But if you plan to be around awhile, by all means go all out!

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