Sunday, May 23, 2010

blogging for dummies by Jeffbulla's blog

I follow a few social media types around here and there and just found his great post called How Did A Blog Reach 2.6 Million Followers? It is about Mashable (who I also read) and mentions The Huffington Post (also a staple) and is really interesting. This led me to read the above post, Blogging For Dummies and more reading found more cool stuff. Like his favorite twitter apps like Tweetdeck (I have but under-utilize despite excellent tutorial from Jordan) Tweet3 (very cool - analytics and more) and Tweetlater (tweet while you sleep) Now, if only it could grocery shop while I sleep, too.


  1. Off to search through these blogs - thanks for the great tips, I'm going to enjoy visiting here.

  2. Great blog and was trying to figure out mashable myself. I want to put the mashable plugin on my blog but can't find it, any ideas? The plugin just looks like it would be so helpful in getting more followers and tweets, etc....