Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Understanding Why Moms Blog from Kevin Burke

Yep, this guy totally gets it! That is exactly why we moms blog!

By Kevin Burke

Mom bloggers can provide tremendous value to businesses. Companies covet the audience mom bloggers have acquired because these readers are potential consumers. Mom bloggers have powerful voices and, as a result, often have a big influence on the moms who are reading. Businesses recognize this influence and also know that few things benefit a company more than when a highly respected mom writes positive things about that company's brand.

As businesses rush to leverage the influence of these moms, they often struggle to maximize the benefits of a relationship with them, largely because businesses don't take the time to understand why moms blog. Below are some of the top reasons that drive moms to blog.

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    Blogging is an expressive outlet. It offers a challenge to create something from nothing. It allows the writer to stretch the brain and create something to call her own.
    Blogging provides a connection to other moms, sometimes one that is deeper than face to face. Exchanges on blogs can last weeks and include the perspectives of many. Conversations can be intense and supportive. Like-minded folks can find one another and share and explore ideas.
    Blogging can provide reassurance that there are other people out there with similar ups and downs. Motherhood at times can be isolating and challenging. Social media offers a means for increasing one's own sense of well being.
    Writing can often be an outlet, especially when the going gets tough. Moms might blog because writing about their experiences helps them better understand themselves and their families.
    Families and friends today often are separated by miles and/or busy schedules. A blog can act as a hub for sharing experiences with loved ones who don't live under the same roof. A blog can be compiled in a narrative style that is deeper and more complete than the formats offered through other mediums such as email, Facebook and Twitter.
    Many women start blogs as a pregnancy journal to record their thoughts and emotions during that crucial time. Then, they just continue from there.
    Moms might blog about their journey in parenthood to document the memories, perhaps in hopes of one day allowing their children to read about their childhood from the perspective of a parent.
    Blogging is an important form of new media, and many people use it as a platform to express opinions on all kinds of issues - Blogs are not limited to posts on parenting! Moms who blog write about a vast array of topics including politics, products, music, technology, finances, current events, health, entertainment, business and more.
    A blog can be a source of income. Mom bloggers understand the value they can offer to businesses and they are looking for ways to broker the business-to-mom relationship.

While most moms don't start a blog for financial reasons, they do welcome opportunities to work with businesses. They just don't want the business relationships to change the voice of the blog. As a result, it is essential that a business understand a mom's blog before reaching out to her for a potential relationship.

Marketers are historically good at talking at people but poor at conversations. To work with mom bloggers, businesses need to take the time to read the blog to get to know the writer and gain a better understanding of her audience.

This effort will help drive a productive conversation that can lead to a relationship that is in line with the voice of that blog. Moms take pride in their blogs and with the millions of loyal readers they have gained, rightfully so. Interested businesses need to give these moms the attention they deserve.

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