Thursday, April 15, 2010

Playing "Real Estate Agent" in the Suburbs

So it started out innocently enough; really nice baby boomer empty nester couple living across street near a golf course.  When on vacation we collect their mail and packages and hold onto their contact information.  A few days before Christmas 2009 I was at the Elephant Walk restaurant with my mommy girlfriends Susie (aka The Q), Dr. Amy ICU, and "Not Struggling Artist" Jacqui.  We say goodnight and as I return home I encounter police cars blocking my way at the top of my street.  I am admitted past the police blockade and with my husband and 10 year old daughter watching from the third floor staircase of our home, we can't help but flinch from their devastation as we watch the firefighters trying to contain the blaze well into the night.  We've already confirmed the couple is safe but we watch the flames pouring out from the first floor kitchen windows and second floor master bedroom while smoke escapes in billows from the third floor and roof top.  The firefighters flood the house with water hoses and break holes in the slate roof and windows until they've taken control of the fire.  In the morning everyone is gone and there is a dangerous sheet of ice from the hoses down the descending street.

Fast forward 4 months and an insurance settlement.  My husband makes an impromptu request to the nice neighbors across the street who have just bought a condo, that they consider giving us "first option" on their land.   They surprisingly give us their offer exclusively a week or so later, and for 48 hours we decide if we want to build a house for ourselves (truly unnecessary) or build a house for someone else (why not give the husband something to do when he gets home at 1 pm everyday).  He does the math and decides this project is not for us but I recommend some really nice real estate mommies from the elementary school.  They decline our recommendation because if and when they sign with a broker, they already love the broker who helped them find their new condominium.   The matchmaking mechanisms of my brain kick in and I know I can find a lovely family who will love this land.

Part II to be continued...

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