Monday, April 5, 2010

More on SEO and the last (?) word on keywords

It's been a while since I have posted - too caught up in other blog and (finally!) great weather. I am currently on the phone with tech supoort for Verizon which is a total and complete disaster. But this is not about me and my issues. Okay, of course it is, but maybe later.
Let's talk about how search engines see your site. Go to
and type in your site's address. The screen will show you what search engines see when they see your site. Basically text, no lovely photos, no pretty font. That is why you need to use key words. Key words, you ask? See this blog:

Blogsessive for great tips and this one Lorelle on Wordpress for a blogging challenge including your top ten key words.

You also need to pay attention to ALT. TEXT in your photos. Here is a definition from Wikipedia : Alt Attribute so you do not leave it blank but fill it in with a description.

HTML is still beyond me (hello, MIT?) so I can't tell you how to write it for Alt text. I am operating at a fairly basic level and I am writing a description of my photos in the Alt text box. Good for now - will upgrade when I have figured out a better way. I am looking at sites with good how-to on this but some are so dense and tech-y that they make me a bit queasy.

I will further read up on this and add the better sites.

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