Friday, April 9, 2010

Email Newsletter for Your Blog Using Feedburner

If you want an easy email newsletter that sends out your latest posts to anyone who signs up for your email newsletter, we highly recommend Feedburner ( which is now owned by Google.

It's so simple. Simply to go the site and sign up. Follow all the instructions. Go to Publicize which is a tab on the top.

Then go to email subscriptions. See that first box of html text? You will now cut and paste this copy into your blog.

If you are using Wordpress, use a text widget for your sidebar and cut and paste this text into your blog. Voila! You have an instant email newsletter feed. You don't have do anything. Every new post will be emailed out to your subscribers.

If you are using Blogger, use the HTML gadget. Same thing, cut and paste the text into the box on the sidebar. Voila again! Instant newsletter.

When you have time, go through all the options in FeedBurner, particularly in the Publicize tab to see other cool things you can do to your email newsletter feed. You can add ads using Google AdSense.

Have fun!

Pragmatic Mom
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