Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Don't!: Cut and Paste from MS Word into Your Blog!

I had a blog meltdown two days ago. This is when your blog template format melts down into an crazy looking mess. Sometimes the melt down can also look like a completely blank white page. Either are not good options!

I have a lovely template that I bought from the good folks at Solostream called "Sublime" for Wordpress and it has cool features that I like including a slider and navigation bars. I have learned the hard way how to keep my blog template intact.

This is my Don't Rules To Keep Your Blog from a Meltdown:
1) DON'T have two widgets/gadgets of the same type active!
2) DON'T add widgets/gadgets all at once. Add one at a time, and then check to see how it affects your blog home page.
3) DON'T add widgets/gadgets without first checking on them. Go to forums or google search them. Check ratings on them.
4) DON'T cut and paste into your blog from Microsoft Word. If you don't want to retype, put the text first into Writer from Microsoft.
5) DON'T cut and paste HTML code willy nilly. For example, I needed to add the code to Google Analytics to every post to track my traffic. I put it at the top of the post and had a weird space. I wanted to add to the bottom of the post plus add my message about how to purchase items from my blog AND add ad rotate. I tried to do this with one big cut and paste. Bad idea!

As my blog melts down and I figure out the cause, I will continue to add to this list. How about you? Any advice for preventing Blog Meltdowns?

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