Sunday, March 14, 2010 versus is using Blogger but another popular option is Wordpress. There are two choices for Wordpress: and Wordpress.og. What are the differences?
-- Great customer support
-- Can be an Amazon Associate
-- Can NOT advertise! Yes, that's right. No Google Adsense or Google Affliates. Why? They pay for their excellent free service by running their own ads.
-- You must pay for you own hosting company. I use BlueHost and it's $7/month.
-- You can advertise! Yay!
-- But there is not excellent customer support. In fact, you are are on your own except for help from fellow wordpress bloggers on their forums.
-- So, things like upgrades to Wordpress which happen automatically on are things you have to do on your own (and not so easy to figure out!)

So... why Wordpress versus Blogger? Well, that is another blog. And I will mention that there are other blogging companies out there, but these are the two titans.

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