Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wordpress versus Blogger

Ok, you have figured out which version of Wordpress you will likely use ( versus and now you are wondering if you are missing the boat by choosing Wordpress over Blogger? Or vice versa? I am new to Blogger so I'm a little biased towards Wordpress but this is my take AND I WELCOME DISCUSSION FROM READERS HERE!

Wordpress (.com or .org)
-- A more versatile platform with more applications (widgets)
-- Can buy professional looking templates for Wordpress, but maybe not as many choices for Blogger. I say this with a caveat because I bought my template from Solostream ( which I LOVE and noticed that they do not develop templats for Blogger.
-- More technical which is good and bad if you are not technical. Can do more stuff but you need to be technical to handle it (and the problems that ensue from doing more techy stuff to your blog)

-- Easy to use and intuitive
-- Not sure about this, but I suspect that gadgets on Blogger are not as numerous or as cool as widgets for Wordpress
-- Can have advertising on Blogger without hiring your own hosting company

My advice is this: if you want to start a blog but greatly dislike being your own tech support, then blogger is for you. If you don't mind digging around for information to solve your technical issues and can handle the frustration of that and want to push yourself technically, then Wordpress is for you. If you are actually a a techy person (as in know HTML), then Wordpress is definitely for you.

I am skating a little on thin ice here as I am not a techy person so take this all with a large grain of salt.

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