Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A-twittering we will go...

Okay, what is the point of Twitter and do you really want to do this? Does anyone care that about your minute by minute activities? Well, yes and no. Yes, you do want to do this and not because anyone cares that you just had a cup of coffee or are stuck on the commuter train but because you are sharing information with people (all good) and Twitter increases traffic to your site (even better).

Twitter is also fun, by the way, and a really easy way to get a message to a lot of people at one time instantly. It is great if you have a new post, or a product, an event, or really anything that you really want to share.

Setting up Twitter is as easy as pie -choose a name for it - it could be your own name or one that relates to your blog, website, Linkedin, Facebook Fan Page (that's another whole post), choose a password and you are good to go. There are all sorts of ways to connect and pretty up your Twitter page but let's start with the basics.

This is the fun part - you follow people and people follow you. First, you can search for people - go to Find People on the menu bar and click on it. You can find people by name, email, browse suggestions from twitter (like moms) or invite by email. You follow people and, if they want to, they follow you. There are controls within the program that limit you from following too many people at one time - you will get a notice that you can't follow any more people if you exceed it. There is a decent help page and the bottom menu has status updates about Twitter.

Then there is strategy. After you follow people, some will follow you back. Some send you direct messages, some just follow and some will not. You build your following by tweeting, linking to your blog or website and writing great posts so they want to know what you are up to and (this is easy) put a twitter button on your blog. You can have your posts link to Twitter (and Facebook and LinkedIn) within the draft page - on Wordpress under the Publish box in the upper right side of the page when you are drafting or editing a post.

Twitter away.

by Capability Mom

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