Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Top 10 Tips For Writing Great Headlines

We have been collecting tips on writing great headlines.

Top 10 Tips:
1) Make the first 25 characters really count
2) Write the headline LAST. And you can always rewrite the headline later when you think of something better.
3) Key Words. Remember those Key Words you get from Google Alerts? Try to work them, within reason, into your posts or ... even better, into your headlines. (and don't forget to add them into your tags for every post)
4) Hot trends PLUS Key words! If you can combine the two, that is SEO magic.
5) Use superlatives
6) Summarize your post in one sentence/headline
7) Pose a question
8) Create a Top 10 List. Readers like the finite-ness of a Top 10 list.
9) Don't forget to tag your images with descriptive labels
10) For RSS feeds, headlines are the only thing a reader sees! This is why writing great headlines is so important! And, for consolidator sites like Digg It and delicious, your post title is all the reader will see! A successful post could result in 3000 hits!

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